"The Turkey Bra" (patent pending) is an exciting new product that is the secret to a  perfect turkey. 

Here's the idea: 

1.  White meat cooks faster than dark meat.

2.  The secret to perfect, moist breasts is to ice the breasts before cooking.  If the breast meat starts colder (40 to 60 degrees) it will slow the cooking rate, which results in moist breasts every time.

3.  "The Turkey Bra" is a convenient way to ice the breasts evenly without having to balance ice packs on the breasts.

"The Turkey Bra" should be available for purchase exclusively at www.turkeybra.com by Thanksgiving 2005!  Stay tuned to our website for details.  If you are a distributor and interested in carrying "The Turkey Bra", email us at info@turkeybra.com
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